Workshop Sport4All, Kosovo





On Saturday 21st of November, PL4Y International implemented the end of year transfer of experience workshop for the three partner NGOs (FSVK, CTI-P and YAHR) in the framework of the Sport4All project.


The aim ?


To assess activities implemented in 2015, in order to draft conclusions and recommendations for 2016.

The team exchanged a lot with participants on the way PL4Y International built their capacities in the fields of inclusive sports, finances, project management, monitoring and evaluation. Based on discussions, PL4Y International will be able to improve capacity building and monitoring of partner NGOs in 2016. Furthermore, it was the time to conclude on implemented activities and impacts on final beneficiaries.


Inclusive sport session


PL4Y International also organized an inclusive sport session for all 7 participants with different games. In one of the games, players were divided in 2 teams and had to slalom blindfolded, without talking all the way to the other end of the field. Only the first one from each team wasn’t blindfolded and had to invent a code to communicate without talking and explain directions. Partners discovered new inclusive games altogether and enjoyed to work together during this sport session.


PL4Y International complemented this session with 3 case studies on the inclusion of minorities, of girls and of people with disabilities. One partner explained that they faced problems including the Serb minority in activities: “we learned while implementing the project; we did not know before that it would be so challenging”.


PL4Y International will incorporate the main discussions and conclusions into the end of year evaluation of the project in order to better prepare for 2016.


The team would like to thank partner NGOs for their cooperation this year as well as the European Union for supporting this project. It was a year full of exchanges on the topic of inclusive sports and project monitoring. We also learned a lot from our Partner NGOs and we would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment.

The new calendar of activities for 2016 will soon be finalized along with recommendations to improve the project during the 2nd phase.