Kosovo. Boxing and re-socialization


Publié le 21.09.16 


On Wednesday the 14th of September, PLAY International organized its 4th thematic day on the topic of “Sport and Re -socialization”, which aimed atdiscussing how sport can be used as a tool to re-socialize isolated, excluded or marginalized populations. For this event, we had the honour to welcome Kevinn Rabaud, National Technical Director, and Stephane Raynaud, National Technical Advisor, of the French Boxing Federation, who have an extensive experience using boxing to work with prisoners, young delinquents and people at risk of becoming delinquents.



In total, 36 participants attended the activity, among which NGOs coming from various cities, sport educators or students, and young volunteers. 


During the morning session, participants played a Playdagogy game called “the Cat of Violence” where they got to think about how victims can reproduce violence on others and sometimes become aggressors themselves. Then, Stephane Raynaud explained how he was using pedagogical boxing to teach important values to delinquents, thieves, or even raptors and killers. Boxing has a unique feature of endangering physically the players and can therefore be used to re-teach values of respect of others, respect of the rules, and mutual trust, to criminals. In the afternoon, participants had the chance to experience educative boxing themselves, with various exercises requiring trust, carefulness, respect and intelligence.


We can look back to this day as a successful day combining theoretical session, physical activities and exchanges between participants. Self-confidence, controlling emotions, putting ourselves in the position of others and stopping the reproduction of violence are some key messages the participants could take with them after being part of this thematic day. 


PL4Y International would like to thank all participants; and a special thanks to the French Boxing Federation, the Kosovo Boxing Federation and the ABB University for their support and motivation.

The Sport4All project is financed by the EU office in Kosovo and implemented by PL4Y International.