29th of May, PL4Y International will organise Vertigo, an out-of-the-ordinary annual sporting event that takes place in a skyscraper.


What is it: Race up a skyscraper to be the first to the top. As original as the idea is, the goal remains the same as at our other events: raise money for PL4Y International’s programmes. By signing up, each runner receives donations which in turn will help bring Playdagogy to schools and youth centres in France and the rest of the world.


The first two years of Vertigo took place in France’s tallest skyscraper: Tour First de la Défense. During these two races, 2,000 runners participated, making 220,000€. These funds made it possible for the NGO to help more than 34,000 children around the world.


Alone (VERTIGO), in pairs (VERTIDUO), or in groups of four (VERTIQUATRO), come push yourself to the limit and participate in a dizzying experience!



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