Playdagogy Training with Chabal Sport





Wednesday the 29th of October 2014, Chabal Sport will open a new sporting complex in Balme de Sillingy. PL4Y International, partner with Chabal Sport, will take this opportunity to train new sports educators in Playdagogy.


Emilie Lepeytre and Chloé Berthomier, teachers and collaborators with PL4Y International, will train twelve sports educators in Playdagogy methods. These two, who have been very involved in the NGO, contribute heavily to Playdagogy’s development. They have also been to Burundi with PL4Y International.


Playdagogy started in France’s priority-zone primary schools, and is now being developed in extra-curricular settings. The methodology helps raise children’s awareness about sensitive issues, such as disability, respect, nutrition, or the environment through sports and games.