Laurence Fischer and Sidney Govou visit Burundi





On Sunday October 19th, Laurence Fischer, two-time karate world champion, and Sidney Govou, French footballer for the national team, visited Burundi and saw Playdagogy in action in one of Bujumbura’s neighbourhoods – Buterere. Accompanied by a UNESCO delegation, the two athletes saw the good that PL4Y is doing through its Playdagogy programme.


The method, based on sports and games, helps raise awareness about disabilities, social cohesion, the environment, and nutrition—all through physical and athletic activities.


The entire delegation was excited and praised PL4Y’s programme. The NGO, through its Playdagogy sessions in Buterere, has shown that sports can be a powerful means of effecting social change and promoting development.


The sports educators were also thrilled to meet the athletes and to show them the work they’ve accomplished. They obviously have been taken by the visitors’ achievements as athletes, but also by their involvement with PL4Y International. Laurence Fischer, in particular, remains one of the NGO’s most emblematic ambassadors; of note, her involvement in Afghanistan to help local women gain better access to karate.




Check out her involvement in the field in this report with Stade 2: