Human Rights Clubs in Kosovo – Interview



We decided to look back on our Human Rights Clubs project with a short interview with Besmir Beka – one of the fantastic volunteers who took part of the project in Kosovo. Our intern Lena took some time with Besmir over a coffee to find out more about the project…
What was the aim of the Human Rights Clubs project ?
The first aim of the project was to know how much Human Rights are respected in Kosovo. The second aim was to raise awareness about Human Rights at school, especially with children.
What did you do to reach this aim? What was your task as volunteer ?
We were in team of six volunteers, each of us having a different role with different responsibilities. There was a leader of the group, a vice-leader, a treasurer and other functions too. We conducted interviews in schools, asking lots of people to fill in surveys. We interviewed children as well as teachers, school directors and other local actors. Then, we implemented sport activities at school which help us to raise awareness about Human Rights and allow children to know more about it.
Where did the project take place ?
There were 5 Human Rights Clubs.
They were in Skenderaj, Shtime, North Mitrovica, South Mitrovica and Peja. Personally, my Human Rights Club was based in Skenderaj.
What did you learn as volunteer of the project ?
First, I learned a lot about Human Rights. I also gained skills in communication, team work, and leadership. But I also learned practical skills such as how to fill in a survey and organize a conference.
PLAY International’s Human Rights Club project was funded by UNMIK and took place in two phases between March 2017 and June 2018.