A Word from the President





“In 2013, one of the greats left us: Nelson Mandela.


Among his many legacies that he left humanity is this: sports have the power to change the world. PLAY International shares this certainty of belief and is committed to making it a reality. We see it every day among thousands of children and youth throughout the world.


This is a good thing. But it’s not enough. When we witness the real impact that we can have on the life of these children, we can’t help but regret that our actions aren’t more widespread: we must do more and do it better!


This leitmotif collides with a key question, however. How do we generate more impact with limited resources? Our answer is simple: capitalise on our methodologies, in development since 1999, and pass them on to a growing number of sports practitioners, pedagogues, and humanitarian aid workers.


This is the ambition that has directed our transformation into PLAY international, a transformation that has been picking up speed and has come to fruition in the form of a new strategy.

Innovation, co-construction, and research-based results must become the three pillars of PLAY International. Because a vision such as Nelson Mandela’s only makes sense if it’s put into practice on the field."   



Arnaud Mourot




Edito du Président
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