Sports Without Borders Becomes PLAY International




Sports Without Borders is one of the pioneering NGO’s in using sports for education and social change. Since 1999, it has helped more than half a million children in twelve countries through its programmes.


In order to launch its programs on a larger scale, Sports Without Borders is becoming PLAY International, the symbol of ambitious strategy to aid social impact through sports.


Discover the three main reasons for this evolution.


PLAY International – developing its field of action


The organisation is growing its field of action: while still maintaining its former missions in humanitarian aid and development, the organisation is also implementing programmes in France, the United Kingdom, and in Canada…


PLAY International – evolving models of action…


Sports Without Borders is diversifying its strategy for intervention: while still maintaining the management of its own missions abroad and in France, the organisation is developing an international network and is allying itself through various partnerships.


PLAY International – an identity of strength and sharing


Through its programmes (Playdagogy, Sport4Youth), partnerships (Alliances, franchises), and events (Vertigo, All4Kids), Sports Without Borders has aided in developing new brands. In order to be more efficient, especially in communications and investment, simplifying its brand structure became the strategy whereby PLAY International would become a strong, shared identity.




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