The Playdagogy in Kirundi






In order to facilitate the comprehension of the Playdagogy programme, the sessions are translated in Kirundi, the official language of Burundi.


The goal is to help the children to assimilate faster the programme and allow the instructors to be more confident in order to promote education through sport.

In Burundi, 682 000 people speak French (International Organisation of la Francophonie, 2010). A minority compare to the 10 millions citizens of the country.

Thanks to these translations, PL4Y International gives a better accessibility to its programmes for the children as well as for the instructors.


The picture above shows the game "Down with taboos", translated in Kirundi it becomes "Tubiyage". The aim of this handball game is to talk about sexual harassment and define how to react when someone is victim of this abuse.


Since 2008, the NGO has emphasised in its activities themes concerning violence, social cohesion, children’s rights, and HIV. The interventions reach not only school-children, but those who are homeless or who are living in refugee camps.