Promoting sport as a tool for inclusive education.




On Wednesday 18 February, PL4Y International organized a Seminar on Inclusive and Educative Sport in Mitrovica, funded by the Embassy of Finland in Kosovo. Sport teachers and representatives of three NGOs (AKTIV, PRAM and Medora ne zemer) attended the Seminar which aimed at promoting sport as a tool for inclusive education.


The PL4Y International team presented the theory on inclusive sport and organized on the field sessions after each presentation. These practice sessions were an opportunity for PL4Y International to present new games to participants and build ties among them. Through different case studies, participants shared their views on how to integrate all children in sport activities.


Pakize Kosova, sport teacher in Mitrovica, gave us her impression about the seminar: “It is always good to be reminded of the four aspects of sport activities: physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects. As a sport teacher, I know that we sometimes don’t take the time to consider all four aspects during our work at school. I am also very happy to have learnt new games that I can use during my sport classes. They are easy to implement and it is always good to have new games for children, especially inclusive games that will allow everyone to participate”


Finally, this event was also a good opportunity to build links and relationships with partners working in Mitrovica, as well as in the North. PL4Y International is confident this training gave new ideas to all participants for their future activities with children.