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Paris, October 2nd, 2015


Press release


PL4Y International is launching a new action research programme to develop social innovation through sports on an international level.

This Friday, October 2nd, PLAY International is unveiling its new action research programme, meant to bring together all the key players from the areas of sports, education, and humanitarian aid :



The goal of this new initiative: emphasise existing programmes and co-creating tomorrow’s solutions that help schools, universities, organisations, sports clubs, NGOs, and communities to use sports and games as an educational, preventive, and social tool in the community for real-life solutions.




PLAY Lab was thought up in order to produce real-life solutions by gathering specialists from many different fields. Among the many initiatives in the works (co-creation of a socio-athletic programme in rural villages in Burundi with the United Nations Development Programme; development of Playdagogy with the IOC; launch of Playdagogy: Rugby with Société Générale; etc.) PLAY International is also creating a programme aiming to accelerate the process of identifying, modelling, and diffusing socio-educational solutions through sports in France and throughout the world.




In conjunction with this new initiative, PLAY International will be organising several events in 2016 :


-          January: creation of a Scientific Research Committee for PLAYLab; launch of our e-learning platform

-          February: workshop on co-creation (Rennes)

-          March: brunch with discussion on Active Living for children 6-12 and social innovation (Paris)

-          April: launch of our pilot project Active Living

-          May: workshop on co-creation (Paris); brunch with discussion on social innovation (London)

-          June: Campus PLAY International (Lille) 








  • - Educators, sports education specialists, and humanitarians: identify needs and best practices; identify ideas; test solutions; collaborate on content
  • - Experts and scientists: identify existing programmes, new needs, and new ideas; challenge and test solutions; assess
  • - Operations experts: bring together and put solutions into practise; co-create and deploy solutions large-scale
  • - Businesses: integrate social innovation through sports into business’s social responsibility
  • - Public entities: facilitate experiments and getting solutions off the ground; participate in fundraising petitions
  • - High-profile athletes: share expertise and experience; carry the banner


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