PL4Y International forum is the major appointment of the social change through sport.


The 24th and 25th June 2015, PL4Y International will organise the first edition of its forum dedicated to the actors of education, sport and international development.

This event will take place at Kipstadium, a Stadium build by Kipsta Brand in the North of France (Between Roubaix, Tourcoing and Watterlos). The Stadium will be inaugurated the 10th of March.


This spot will be a unique and perfect place to co-create and spread innovation in the field of Sport and Education.


During two days, teachers, sport instructors, experts and PL4Y International team will get together in order to learn, create and share experiences. The main goal of the forum is to accelerate the creation of educational contents and deploy the Playdagogy programme.


This unprecedented event will allow the actors of social change and education to find the innovating solutions of tomorrow.






Programme FORUM PL4Y International

Programme FORUM PL4Y International