Kosovo: the network of volunteers grows


On the 23 and 24 of May 2015, 15 volunteers from Sport4Youth network met for the annual training of assistants in Banja Peja, Kosovo. During the weekend of two and a half days, the volunteers were trained on the basis of inclusive sports activities. As assistants, these volunteers are in charge of sports equipment and supervision of children during activities. PL4Y organized various sports and theoretical sessions on topics such as managing a group of children, taking account of their emotions, the preparation and provision of sports equipment and children's motivation.


A Network meeting in September 2015


This training - the last of the year - followed those of new volunteers, leaders and facilitators in March, April and May. Now trained 50 volunteers, boys and girls from different communities, are able to organize sports activities in their municipalities. PL4Y International Kosovo is pleased to have been able to participate in training these volunteers. The team will continue to support them and train them during regular visits to each municipality.


In September 2015, volunteers will gather for a two-day Network Meeting. This is an opportunity for them to meet, to exchange experiences and to prepare for the Big Event that brings together children and partner network municipalities. Meanwhile, volunteers will also organize joint events in six cities in Kosovo this summer. A great time also for them to build on what they have learned during their training.



"I now have friends from different communities"



A volunteer Mamusha testifies: "I became a volunteer because I wanted to do something with the children of my municipality. I want them to learn about different cultures and customs in Kosovo. With PL4Y training, I now have friends from different communities (...) I enjoyed the session on “facts / opinion”, it was different from what we usually do. I learned a lot. "