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Le projet SPORT4ALL


In the framework of the Sport4All project financed by the European Union Office in Kosovo and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, PL4Y International implemented its first Thematic Day on the 5th of May 2016, at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the University of Pristina.

This first Thematic Day was on “Sport and Communities”.


43 persons attended the event, among which 16 women, 3 representatives from the K-Serbian community, 2 from the K-Bosniak community, 1 from the K-Egyptian community, and 1 from the K-Ashkali community).

Apart from the members of Sport4All granted NGOs, sport teachers and students, as well as representatives from the School sport federation and other NGOs, took part to this event.


During the morning session, Valentina Pancaldi, the manager of the Sport4Youth project, a project on inter-ethnic reconciliation through sport that received an internationally recognized award on Conflict Resolution, presented her project and its key successes and challenges. Two volunteers of the Sport4Youth project shared their experiences. Haxhi, an Ashkali volunteer from Shtime, explained that “before the arrival of PL4Y International, (Albanian and Ashkali) children were not used to spend time together and participate in common activities outside from school: now children are playing together” and that "local NGOs are taking PL4Y as role model”. Bojan, Serbian volunteer for PL4Y International in Gracanica and then in the new center of North Mitrovica, explained that on a personal aspect “I had the opportunity to get to know volunteers from other communities and build new friendships with Albanian volunteers for the first time. Also, I managed to learn some words of Albanian, and this is helping me a lot.”


Then, participants could experience a special game using "Playdagogy" – a methodology of educational learning through sport games developed by PL4Y International. Thanks to this game, participants were invited to discuss about stereotypes and prejudices that exist in Kosovo about different communities.


In the afternoon, volunteers from the Sport4Youth project led two games that they use on the field with boys and girls, and children from different communities. These games foster collaboration of the players. The emphasis was put on the inclusive elements and tips of a sport activity.


Participants showed outstanding enthusiasm, energy and team spirit. They managed to elaborate some collective strategies to make their multi-ethnic teams win in a fair-play manner.


PL4Y International would like to thank all the participants, as well as the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport for its kind support.


See you in the next Thematic Day!