International Women's Day






To celebrate the International Women's Day, PL4Y International launches its new kit "girls-boys" dedicated to equality between boys and girls.


The educators will have the possibility to treat several subjects with their children, such as prejudices about boys and girls, pressures regarding your sport choices, daily discriminations and stereotypes.


As the handicap and nutrition kits, "Girls-boys" kit has been built and test in collaboration with teachers and sport educators working with children from 6 to 11 years old.


Through sport sessions, children will be able to identify the stereotypes and discriminations the girls and boys are victims of and to learn how to fight their effects in order to promote social inclusion.


A Playdagogy session is separate in three different parts. The first part is dedicated to the game; the goal is to stimulate the children through sport activities. Then, the topic is introduced. The rules and vocabulary are changed and the children have to question themselves about their own prejudices. Finally, the debate is an essential part of the session; it allows to identify what the children have learned.




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