Indestructible Footballs for Fun!





PL4Y International, the Ministry for Youth, Sports and Culture, and One World Futbol Project Bring Nearly Indestructible Footballs to Burundi on the occasion of the International Day of African Unity on 25 May 2013.


An Unprecedented Initiative


The project One World Futbol has the objective to promote football worldwide among disadvantaged youth. The idea is simple: give out 1,500,000 soccer balls within three years in areas touched by war or damaged, as well as in refugee camps.


Thanks to this initiative, the first nearly indestructible football is born!


Footballs for Everyone in Burundi


PL4Y International and the Ministry for Youth, Sports and Culture of Burundi have been involved in the One World Futbol project in order to distribute soccer balls. This project has been sponsored by Chevrolet through a partners’ network that works constantly with the youth.


More than 27,000 nearly indestructible footballs will be given out for children throughout the country. All the primary and secondary schools of Burundi will receive a ball in order to practice football within schools.


Moreover, in order to galvanise programmes that promote education through sport, around ten associations, as well as PL4Y International, will also be furnished with footballs.



This initiative is also supported by: the French Embassy, The United States Embassy, the German Embassy, the region “Pays de Loire”, ladak group, Brarudi, Fitness Factory and Café Gourmand.