A spotlight on nutrition in Drancy




Wednesday April 22 at Drancy, in the context of extracurricular activities, 20 children in the city discovered Playdagogie



Learning more on the theme of nutrition, the children were able to experience a session about snacking. The two teachers, Chloe and Emily, loyal to the program, started the game without yet implementing the theme. The game was then transformed, defenders became “nibbler”, the goal being to cross the gym without getting caught by a “nibbler” and to avoid snacking. The session concluded with a discussion, aimed to question children about their habits and make them aware of the importance of good nutrition.


The afternoon ended with a pastry workshop, taught by the pastry chef at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris. Children crafted roses with sugar frosting, as a reward, were able to taste a delicious snack.


Our sincere thanks to the Shangri-La Hotel Paris and its employees for their commitment as well as the town of Drancy.