Kosovo is an ethnically divided country since the end of the war (1998-1999), and is still to this day in process of reconciling the community. It is in this context that was born the Sport4Youth program in 2008.


Sport4Youth bases itself on the creation of volunteers' network from 7 different communities and their training in the animation of socio-sports activities, so that they can themselves organize activities with children.


The Sport4Youth program has three main objectives:

- Support the interethnic dialogue to allow children from various communities to overcome their prejudices, to learn to know each other and to accept themselves,

- Strengthen the teenagers’ skills, which will be useful in this context of unemployment,

Convey values to the children who are lacking activities after their half-day of school.


In 2014, the Sport4Youth project won the award of the best program in the category "Sport for conflict resolution", granted by the prestigious Beyond Sport organization.


The NGO pursued the Sport4Youth program these past years by emphasizing the integration of the North of Kosovo (Leposaviq/Leposavic and Mitrovicë/MitrovicaNorth) within the volunteers' network and introduction of the theme of transitional justice.


Every year one or two new centers are detected and new volunteers are selected in each centers.





In 2017 :


88 volunteers are members of the multiethnic network

6 communities are represented within the volunteers

7 communities are represented within the beneficiary children

1 800 children enjoyed regular socio-sports activities

350 activities organized by the volunteers

11 active centers Sport4Youth



71 % of the volunteers declared that the project succeeded in gathering young people from various communities

52 % (in average) volunteers declared to have a better opinion of the other communities

88 % of the volunteers declared to have acquired enough knowledge and experience to set up quality activities with children






The Sport4Youth project continues and has improved! It was redesigned to offer young volunteers a qualitative and progressive training framework, allowing them to master first all the fundamental in sports activities, then during a summer camp to initiate their change of representations of communities, and finally to be trained in the animation of including socio-sports activities which are deployed with children of various communities.

The monitors will be qualified and the alumni of this network will be supported in order to develop their own including social projects





Elodie Bouchot

Responsable des opérations


Playdagogy, a method and a program

Playdagogy, a method and a program

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