Thibault is back from Kosovo






Thibault went to Kosovo for one year with PL4Y International. As Program Manager, Thibault was mainly in charge of the Sport4Youth programme. This programme, developed in Kosovo uses sport as a tool to bring communities together and to create social engagement among young volunteers coming from different communities.

by training young to become sport instructors, PL4Y International tries to install a dialogue between the different communities and enables the young to get qualifications.


During his mission, Thibault contributed to the set up and the planning of Sport4Youth. He also evaluated the impact of the programme as a tool to bring the communities together.


Beyond his mission, Thibault describes his experience as very rewarding. «The work brings us a valuable cultural wealth. Since we act in different realms we are always in touch with different NGO who work differently than us”


Thibault always wanted to work in a different environment. His main motivation was the importance of the social role of sport. During his mission he could observe the social and educative impact of the programme Sport4Youth. «It’s a enriching programme for both children and young volunteers. In one year 14 000 children participated to the actions and 80 volunteers got a training. Beyond this, we could see the young progress and learn everyday a little bit more. With sport we try to give them a better future but we also learn a lot from them"


The impact of the programme is more visible on the volunteers since the team is always in contact with them. They can see them progress and get skills. But the happiness of the children is also considerable. "The social role of sport is very important. Through the children we can see an amelioration of the relationships between the different communities."


Using sport as powerful tool to create social change is absolutely necessary in Kosovo. "Through our action, we create the possibility to have a different future. The sport is a powerful tool to give back hope"


Sport is a way of communication, a tool of unification. No talks, no beliefs are necessary. In that sense, Thibault thinks that PL4Y International's action is essential: "The slogan of Sport4Youth in Kosovo is “Sport is a bridge between us”. This sum up pretty well what we do in the field. Through sport we have seen people playing together although they didn't come from the same community. There is a strong communitarianism in this country and the tensions still strong, but our strength is that everybody can play and people can communicate without words. I think we are the only one doing that in Kosovo"


For Thibault, it was both a personal and a professional enriching experience. Being in touch with the volunteers and feeling their gratitude were his greatest satisfactions. “The greatest reward was the smile on the face of the children when we came in the field"


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