Sport4Youth nominated for a 2014 Beyond Sport Award!





Beyond Sport Awards


Since 2009, Beyond Sport Awards have been awarded to the best projects in the field of sports education and social development; those that win are recognized on the international level.


The 350 projects up for an award are categorised according to their specific field: “Sports and Health,” “Sports and Social Integration,” “Sports and Education,” etc.



Sport4Youth up for the prize


Up for an award under the “Sports and Conflict Resolution” category, Sport4Youth, a project led by PL4Y International, is up against three other competitors and will see who wins on the 30th of October, in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Sport4Youth was specially created for the youth in Kosovo, a multiethnic country divided by war. To help the different communities live and work together, PL4Y International set up a network of young sports educators from 12 different communities.


Leveraging sports for their ability to unify and engage, Sport4Youth has three main goals: develop interethnic dialogue, strengthen the youth’s commitment to good citizenship, and offer sporting activities to help promote tolerance among children.


In 2013, 70 volunteers from 6 ethnic communities (Albanians, Ashkalis, Serbians, Romanians, Bosnians, and Turks) set up over 300 socio-athletic activities. These events were attended by over a thousand children, 35% of which were girls. 93% of the volunteers made friends with youth from other ethnic communities, and, because of the project, have a better opinion of the other communities.