Sport & Citizenship and PLAY International join forces to promote sport as a tool for societal development.




The think tank Sport and Citizenship and the NGO PLAY International confirmed their collaborative project through the signing of an innovative partnership promoted by rugby players Pierre RABADAN and Raphaël POULAIN.


As a tool for exchange, for reconciliation, but also as an educational one, sport must establish itself as a lasting vehicle of social evolutions. Complementary activities, unique expertise and mutual initiatives have created conditions for this cooperation.


"Working closely with Sport and Citizenship is a way to fulfill our goal: increasing sport’s social impact. The solution to our societies’ issues is a collective one; it is essential to develop synergies between stakeholders in our field ... especially when they are so natural.”

David Blough, Director of the NGO PLAY International.


As part of this partnership, Sport & Citizenship will participate in the creation of the first Forum of PL4Y International on June 24th and 25th at the Kipstadium of Lille.

Dedicated to education, sport and development practitioners, the Forum aims to become an innovation incubator. Understand, transmit and co-create, here are the ambitions of the Forum of PLAY International that largely overlap the political messages carried by the think tank Sport & Citizenship to decision makers. 


« Our partnership carries natural ambitions. What we see, what we do on the field must become a political message, and even take shape in a regulatory framework. And on the other hand, our decision makers’ speeches must be reflected on the field."

Julian Jappert, Director of the think tank Sport & Citizenship.


As part of a lasting and strategic collaboration, this orientation will also be fed by the organization of breakfast meetings dedicated to sport’s social impact and educational innovation.


It is through the voice of their respective ambassadors, Raphael Poulain (Sport & Citizenship) and Pierre RABADAN (PLAY International), that the collaboration is presented. These two athletes, invested in associative world for a long time, and at the edge of their sporting retreats, evoke honestly their projects, conversions and especially their desire for raising sport as one of the engines of societies development.




> Sport & Citizenshipis the only European think tank dedicated to the study of European public policies of sport and sport’s societal impact. It offers a forum for new thinking and lobbying which aims at putting forward the core values of sport in society, in the realm of politics, economics and media issues


> PLAY International is renowned as the designer and distributor of educational content based on sport. Managing education, inclusion and support through sport activities, this NGO is actually on the field and works with practitioners to develop sport’s societal impact.