Playdagogy Seminar in Kosovo






On October 15th, PL4Y International held a Playdagogy seminar in Pristina, using a specific method that helps raise awareness about important issues such as respect, disability, nutrition, or the environment through sports and games.

Thaïs Baille, Curriculum Development Manager, came from France to lead the seminar.

23 participants from various backgrounds – sports teachers, NGO representatives and students from a local university’s sports education program – discovered a new way to use physical activities to raise awareness on specific topics. On that day,  they had the opportunity to test games concerning disabilities issues, gender stereotypes, or the environment.


The goal of this seminar was to initiate the participants to Playdagogy's methodologies as well as to identify the possibilities for future development.

A big thanks to the participants for their involvement as well as to the Finnish Embassy.