Playdagogie training in Lomme



On the 22 and 23 of April in Lomme (near Lille), the International PL4Y teams conducted training in Playdagogie with about fifteen people (facilitators and site references). The two days focused on the theme of social inclusion and its three sub-themes, namely: “Violence-Harassment”, “Handicap”, and “Girls-Boys”.


The training was conducted by alternating theory and presentation time of the Playdagogie and practice time, so that the trainees could assimilate the new method and be capable of leading their own sessions thereafter.

The method of Playdagogie was quickly understood and attracted the interest of the whole group. The objective of this training was to introduce a different, innovative approach and enable animators and referred sites to put into practice, independently, sessions on the topics covered during the two days (Violence, Harassment, Disability or Girls-Boys).


Of all the people trained, 8 feel ready to set up a cycle of sessions based on a certain theme, whether this be during a recess break at school or a leisure center during the period of summer 2015. Finally, 2 of them will benefit from following courses before the PL4Y International forum June 24th and 25th.