Playdagogie training for teachers of the Saint Kizito Institute in Burundi



In Burundi, the teachers of the Saint Kizito Institute, were trained 5 days in Playdagogie, given by a training-coordinator of PL4Y International.


The Saint Kizito Institute of Bujumbura is a center currently hosting 200 children, the majority experiencing physical disabilities. The main objective of this institute is to enable children with disabilities to follow the school rhythm and benefit from rehabilitation and rehabilitative care.


Marcian MANIRAKIZA, one of the teachers who attended the training, shares with us his impressions:


“The training provided by PL4Y international focused on adapted physical activity and aimed to show teachers that through physical activity, integrating everyone is possible. We were shown how to create activities where all children participate, whether with disabilities or not,” explains Marcien. “Teachers were also able to understand their role as guide and facilitator and sure better safety for children with disabilities. Previously, sport sessions were complicated and difficult because there were always marginalized children who were ignored by others. We really hope that with this method all children will participate and feel included, whatever their situation.”


Through this training, teachers can implement adapted physical activities and know how to use appropriate vocabulary and good terms. This action, which is very useful for institute members, must now become permanent, with appropriate monitoring for teachers.