PLAY International supports its educators




Kevin and Lucas, PL4Y International's trainers have followed up a Playdagogy session in Drancy (93). The aim was to assess the implementation of the program with 5 animators. During an afternoon the animators have organized three sessions with 25 children on the theme of nutrition.
Back on this training with Kévin:
What are the advantages about the monitoring?
The monitoring is necessary and essential. The Playdagogy is a fun way to incorporate a social dimension in sport activities. It's a very popular tool among educators.
guide the educator in the field is very enriching. It gives the occasion to share experience and improve social approach. We help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The educators are encouraged, guided and enthusiast about the continuity of the collaboration. For our team, it's also the occasion to verify if the sessions are well set up.
Could you tell us more about the monitoring in Drancy?
Firstly, we have observed the educators. Then, we have been able to give advices on the methodology and support them during the session.
During this second monitoring, we found them more at them ease with the theme. They used the appropriate vocabulary and were more confident. Thanks to this observation we can prove that the monitoring is an important step in the development of the Playdagogy.
What are the next projects?
Several training will be organised in march 2015. We also set in place animations in order to raise awareness among educators.
Last but not least, in June 2015 will take place the first edition of the PLAY International Forum dedicated to the dedicated to the actors of education, sport and international development. This event will be a major appointment of the social change through sport.