PL4Y International initiates the playdagogy in Jail

Photo : Motsdafrique 



Since 2008 in Burundi, PL4Y International has emphasised in its activities themes concerning violence, social cohesion, children’s rights, and HIV. The interventions reach not only school-children, but those who are homeless or who are living in refugee camps.


Most recently, the ONG has spread its action to Ngozi and Mpimba jails (Bujumbura). Women and young prisoners practice from now social and sport activities with the Playdagogy, one of the main programme of the NGO.


Thanks to PL4Y International's initiative - financed by ICRC and supported by the DGAP (General direction of Prison Affairs) - 20 young prisoners from Ngozi and more than 30 women form Ngozi and Mpimba have been able to follow a training from the end of January to the beginning of February.


Jean-Bosco UWIMANA and Juvénal BIZINDAVYI, PL4Y International's educators are happy to realise the enthusiasm created by this new training : "We have never seen so many volunteers during a training before".


Before the development of the playdagogy programme, the prisoners had few entertainments or sport activities. After 6 months, people trained will be able to animate social activities through sport for their fellow inmates and children under 5 years old.


The goal of this training is to allow prisoners to be more confident through sport and games. But this is also a first step towards rehabilitation.