Launching the


On March 26, PL4Y International presented the new kit “Social Inclusion” of its Playdagogie program to the Marlot School in Roubaix.


Supervised by a moderator of Roubaix, previously trained on the theme, 15 children of the town participated in a session of Playdagogie “prejudices” related to the theme of social inclusion. Through a race of dodging other students, the children try to outwit the prejudices that hinder their progress and discover discriminations that girls sometimes fall victim to in sport and in daily life.


The session is organized in three stages: the game, which is first, is a time when the children just play and enjoy themselves. In the second stage, the theme is introduces and the rules are transformed: the defenders become the “stereotypes” and the goal is to “fight the stereotypes.” When a child is “caught by a stereotype”, he or she receives a label with a phrase that he or she then places in a true or false column on a table. Finally, when the table is filled, there is time left for a debate and personal reflection. This step, which is essential in a session of Playdagogie allows children to question, argue, and think over their own stereotypes.


Through this new thematic, bringing together multiple subjects, - such as living together, equality Girls-Boys and the awareness of those with disabilities – PL4Y International aims to fight against stereotypes and discrimination and thereby promote the integration of all.



This initiative aims to educate 25,000 children in France, so that they can develop inclusive behavior. Access to a complete educational system (involving the kits and training) will enable more than 1,000 teachers, facilitators and educators to use sport as a means of social inclusion.


For more information on the Playdagogie program, click here.



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