Football4Peace in Kosovo



launch event of football for peace project



PL4Y International and International Relief and Development have partnered with One World Futbol Project to implement the Football4Peace project. The Football4Peace project came to fruition in 2014. It was developed as a component of the Sport4Youth project.


The Project at a Glance


PL4Y International and International Relief and Development will distribute 22,800 Chevrolet-brand One World Futbols. This distribution will be an opportunity to promote the role of sports for social cohesion by organizing inclusive trainings and multi-ethnic football tournaments.


Project activities


(1) Ball Distribution:  22,800 balls will be distributed in all primary and secondary schools as well as to selected NGOs working with vulnerable youth. The distribution of balls will be very beneficial to the schools as most of them are lacking sports materials, which undermines the impact of any sports activities implemented by the teachers.


(2) Trainings on ‘Sport4All’: Two local trainings on inclusive sport will be organised. P.E. teachers and representatives of youth organisations will learn socio-educative games for the children. Trainings will be a way to enhance visibility on the benefits of sports, which are often neglected in Kosovo – sports are seen mainly as competition.


(3) Football4Peace Challenge: 8 local, multiethnic tournaments will be implemented, as well as a final event in Pristina in June. The tournaments will be a good opportunity to show how sports are a tool to bring people from different ethnicities together and to help them overcome stereotypes. 


Fact and Figures


    • 22,800 balls to be distributed in all of Kosovo
    • More than 800 schools and 30 youth organisations will receive the balls
    • 9 multiethnic events will be organised



It is great that we are receiving new sports materials; it will benefit the children here in Kosovo. In schools, we are lacking sports materials and it is not always easy for us to implement physical education. We are impatient to start the Football4Peace challenge to show that sports can be a tool to unite, and not just in competition.” Admire Hasani, teacher in Pristina.

The football balls we are using during our activities do not last long: they are not of the best quality and the sports pitch is not in good shape. We will be very happy to receive nearly indestructible balls!” Youth Centre of Skenderaj


More Information

In May 2012, Chevrolet became the founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, pledging to donate and support distribution of at least 1.5 million Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols worldwide over three years. 

To date, the One World Futbol has distributed more than 750,000 One World Futbols in 160+ countries, impacting an estimated 21 million children and youth worldwide. The organisation “One World Futbol” most recently collaborated with PL4Y International in Burundi.