Football4Peace: 22,800 footballs, 9 tournaments, thousands of smiles!



On June 25, 2014, as a part of its Football4Peace project, PL4YInternational held its closing activity at the stadium in Pristina, Kosovo.


Over the last few months, this expansive project brought together over a thousand children and young adults from different communities. Supported by the Ministry for Youth, Culture, and Sports as well as International Relief and Development, volunteers with PL4YInternational went throughout the country, distributing 22,800 indestructible One World Futbol balls.


Get some insight on PL4Y International’s activities in Kosovo below.


Football4Peace: Playing through Differences


Distributing these “all-terrain” footballs started at schools in Pristina, spreading afterwards to other regions. PL4Y International’s volunteers, in charge of distribution, got to take a tour of basically the entire country.


To help favour social cohesion in different communities, the footballs were given after 8 inter-school tournaments, organised by the NGO and its partners. In all, 800 children benefited from this multi-ethnic, co-ed initiative (35% of the children were girls).


The Peak: A Final in Pristina


The success of this project was also obvious during the final event in Pristina, where over 200 children and 30 volunteers participated – Albanians, Ashkalis, Bosnians, Serbs, and Turks.


Many local partners and important guests made a trip to be there, and media that came could note the impact on the Kosovar youth. Finland’s ambassador and the Minister for Culture (Anne Meskanen and Malsor Gjonbalaj, respectively) as well as representatives from the Kosovo Football Federation were all present. The children were also eager to meet Kushtrim Mushica, one of PL4Y International’s ambassadors, though perhaps better-known as their national team’s goalkeeper!


“It was really cool to travel throughout Kosovo with friends, organizing tournaments, and seeing children from all the different communities…” added Kushtrim, our Sport4Youth project lead.