Discover the Playdagogy





As part of the annual event - WEEed - organised by the NGO Students and Development, PLAY International took the opportunity to talk about its action to students concern by the international solidarity.


During this week end several workshops were organised. The workshop dedicated to the alternatives of education was particularly interesting for PLAY International.

Our pedagogue Kévin was sent in order to represent the NGO and talk about its actions.


"After breaking the ice with a little game, I introduced PLAY International by talking about our objectives, values and mission. I described our actions in the field and talked about our main programme: the Playdagogy. I showed how sport can be a powerful tool to create social change.


Then, Kévin started a playdagogy session about discrimination. First, the game was introduced without the topic. Then, the same game was revised with the topic (discrimination). The session ended with a discussion about the specific topic.


This workshop enabled the students to discover an original method in order to promote education.


For Kévin, this event was a great opportunity to talk about PLAY International's actions to the students.