Burundi: training of



PL4Y International was approached by the NGO RET (Refugee Education Trust) which is conducting, in partnership with UNICEF, a project entitled “Youth and teens are leading the way toward peace in Burundi.” The goal: to train socio-sports “peer educators” meaning, young community leaders from 40 different structures.





To accomplish this, PL4Y International relied on its network of facilitators that sets up activities in youth centers all year.  Indeed, after being trained this Sunday, May 31 by the teaching staff of the mission, 10 facilitators went to the south of the country to do the first week of training with peer educators of RET.


"A chance to work with new beneficiaries"


According to Athanasius, educational supervisor of animators, "this training was a way for them to learn new games." "This is a chance for leaders to go to work with new beneficiaries, to work with other organizations and discover new working environments," he says.


This project will continue with another week of training that will take place soon and a closing of the training in July.