21 new Volunteers in Kosovo




On 6, 7 and 8th of March 2015, in Banja i Peja, PL4Y International organized a Seminar for 21 new Volunteers, who recently joined the network.


The Seminar aimed at presenting the Sport4Youth project, explaining the role and responsibilities of volunteers, and building relationships among them. The Seminar included theory sessions, sport sessions, workshops, debates and team-building games. PL4Y International also invited 2 of its experienced volunteers (one Serbian and one Albanian volunteer) to share their experience and present their work to the new ones.


The seminar gathered boys and girls from six communities (Albanian, Roma, Serbian, Ashkali, Bosniak and Turkish). Volunteers learnt how to work together and many new friendships grew during the Seminar. Play International was impressed by the energy and motivation of these new volunteers that showed great interest in learning new games and learning new skills. They are now ready to join the network and work with their respective team in each locality!


Play International would like to thank the Austrian Development Agency for funding this seminar and showing continuous support to the Sport4Youth project.