20 Champions, along with PLAY International, Support Children's Rights





To celebrate Universal Children’s Day, 20 champions participated in an exceptional Gala at the Shangri-La Paris supporting the NGO PLAY International. Among the guests, athletes that had received Olympic medals – such as Tony Estanguet, Luc Abalo, and Ugo Legrand – were there, as well as great French athletes – Stéphane Diagana or Richard Dacoury – in order to promote Children’s Rights and the NGO’s new Playdagogy programme.


“PLAY International Embodies the Best of Sport”


These introductory words from Stéphane Diagana set the tone for an evening full of solidarity. Presented by Astrid Bard, journalist at Canal +, this fundraising Gala brought together around 200 people in the fantastic lounge of the Shangri-La Paris.


The funds raised during this Gala will allow PLAY International to create more than one hundred “Playdagogy Kits”. These kits include sports and educational equipment for the teachers of primary schools in France.


Promoting Children’s Rights


For this event, the athletes also expressed their will to put sports in the centre of Children’s Rights by signing the Manifesto Article 31.

Doing this, they have initiated a movement of concerned citizens in favour of Children’s Rights. Indeed, everybody had the chance to express their will to help every child on earth have access to games and sports by signing the manifesto on Facebook.


List of signatories


Tony Estanguet, Stéphane Diagana, Luc Abalo, Richard Dacoury, Aladji Ba, Ugo Legrand, Muriel Hurtis, Benoît Peschier, Mahyar Monshipour,  Anthony Réveillère, Laurence Fischer, Automne Pavia, Camille Pin, Pierre Rabadan, Nathalie Dechy, Amélie Goudjo, Hugues Obry, Benjamin Kayser, Hassan Ndam, Karim Ghezal, Serge Simon