Launch Party for PL4Y International





Eminent guests from the sporting world gathered this last Thursday, October 9th, for the launch party for PLAY International.


Hosted in the exceptional Shangri-La Hotel, guests were able to discover Sport Sans Frontières’ new name. Present were many strategic partners and important athletes: Ugo Legrand, Daniel Narcisse, Pierre Rabadan, and Sébastien Chabal all helped prolong the suspense.


This launch allowed PLAY International to unveil its new identity and to explain the reasons behind the change.


“This change didn’t come about triflingly; it comes as a result of much reflection. Sport Sans Frontières, while preserving its humanitarian side, hopes to develop its programmes exponentially in ‘developed’ nations as well, such as France, the United Kingdom, or even Brazil,” explained David Blough, director of PLAY International. “The context has also grown, as we are no longer only talking about sports, but games and play,” added Arnaud Mourot, President and founder of Sport Sans Frontières.


What’s more, Jérome Schehr, financial manager for the Shangri-La, reaffirmed their commitment to the organization for years to come: “Shangri-La Paris has been with the NGO since the beginnings of Playdagogy and has seen an evolution. PLAY International is an important player in our social policies and I would hope to see this relationship continue for a long time.”


The launch was also an opportunity for the director to thank all those who have supported PLAY International in this endeavour: “I’d like to thank the Shangri-La, who have supported PLAY International since 2012, Groupe SOS, without whom this organization would not have developed and achieved the reputation it now enjoys, the athletes, always present and willing by our side, our partners, and Seenk, for its expert work.”