Annual “Say No To Discrimination” Day in Kosovo





To celebrate International Day of Peace (World Peace Day) on September 21, PL4Y International organises a “Say No To Discrimination” Day in Kosovo, bringing together 120 children and 30 volunteers from five different ethnic communities (Albanian, Ashkali, Bosnian, Romanian, and Serbian) in 12 cities, all involved in Sport4Youth.


A demonstration of volunteers and the results of their work


For volunteers, this day is an opportunity to show to those present their training as sports educators. Admir Jukovic, 20, a Bosnian volunteer in Mitrovica explains:


“I want to give these kids something I didn’t have at their age: the opportunity to see other cities, meet different people, and play new games. At first, I was afraid I wouldn’t be good at working with the kids, but with time, and help from PL4Y International, everything has turned out really well.”