Playdagogie - Valeurs de l'Olympisme





Within the framework of the candidacy of Paris in Olympics, PARIS 2024, UNICEF France and International PLAY joined to develop an educational program prefiguring the inheritance that Olympics 2024 in Paris could know.This educational project was created in particular a kit "Playdagogie: values of the Olympic movement”, disseminated in 6 countries.


Website, educational contents and video freely available for all teachers and educators in France: 



This program illustrates concretely the collective ambition of Paris 2024 and partners of this project: use the educational potential of sport to answer the social stakes which we are confronted with. But it also establishes a concrete educational action on four different continents.By capitalizing on an innovative educational approach and by federating at the same time institutions and actors on the ground, this initiative allowed, within less than ten months, to execute educational and sport activities based on the transmission of the values of the Olympic spirit: friendship, respect and excellence. So many values prone to be translated in life skills, thanks to the Playdagogy method.

Since the designation, PLAY International pursues this program: during the 2018 edition of the Olympic and paralympic week organized from January 27th till February 3rd, 2018, PLAY International made available to the educational community free educational contents, in order to set up educational sessions among children from 6 to 12 years old.


Summary (phase 1) of our actions in 5 countries: here



“I am convinced that the values of respect, excellence and friendship which convey the Olympic and paralympic games can be a great educational tool, in particular for the youth. In Haiti, I realized the work realized by PLAY International to adapt Playdagogy to the local context. The children went very easily along and this method appeared obvious.

Tony ESTANGUET, French slalom canoeist and a three-time Olympic champion and co-president of Paris 2024 



Main partners : Paris 2024, CNOSF, CNO and the French Ministry of National Education.




Playdagogie - Valeurs de l'Olympisme